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Findaa is an advanced IoT and AI based data platform to locate, monitor, and optimise high value and sensitive assets. We partner with asset owners and service providers to reduce risks,

lower costs, and generate additional revenues.

Findaa protects and monitors assets anytime and anywhere. We provide a location, condition data, and risk analytics to solve the problem of high costs associated with damaged, broken, lost, spoilt and stolen goods, or where situations and environments need monitoring. We provide locationing and sensing as a service to our clients.
For the asset owner or service provider Findaa will help you protect and monitor assets, environments and situations anytime, anywhere.
  • Indoor and outdoor tracker

  • AI-Enabled location engine

  • Customised accuracy

  • Easy integration

  • Easy installation

  • No WiFi

    or IT


  • Asset Tracking

    • Track assets seamlessly both inside and outside buildings

    • Track an item long distance, for example from inside a building in London to inside a building in Singapore

    • Use bespoke AI technology to locate an item within the nearest metre globally

    • Does not rely on costly line of site, short battery life solutions, short range RFID, or manual barcodes

    • Geo fence assets and be warned if they are in the wrong location

    • Optimise logistics routes and supply chains

    • Manage expensive assets within complex environments such as hospitals

  • Asset Condition Monitoring 

    • Monitor your assets to protect against costly maintenance issues

    • Monitor situations where assistance maybe required 

    • Assess an item with regards to it's temperature, moisture, shock, vibration, sound & light

    • Monitor environments such as oxygen levels which could have an impact o fire risks

    • Enable preventative maintenance measures and be warned when an item may have problems

    • Items can be monitored anywhere in the world including during transport

    • A seamless asset tracking & monitoring system

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