Elderly and Vulnerable Monitoring

Elderly and Vulnerable


The most valuable assets are people and Findaa can apply its technology to tracking and monitoring the elderly and vulnerable. When loved ones are at home or when alone, it is sometimes difficult to know that they are ok. There is also the increasing trend that the elderly would prefer to remain at home in their own environment, rather than move into a care home.

Our advanced AI and IOT wearable and environment monitoring solutions can provide peace of mind to loved ones in knowing that they are safe when alone. We can highlight possible problems if people do not move for a period of time, are outside of specific locations, or sense if they have fallen over, if they are alone.

Findaa can also work with third party wearable providers that can link into our platform as part of a wider solution. Please contact us for further information. 

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24/7 Care

With the elderly opting to spend more time in their home environments rather than care homes, Findaa can provide peace of mind to carers.

With Findaa health wearables, the elderly & vulnerable can have 24/7 monitoring via our platform and highlight potential problems.

Health Wearables

Findaa's health wearable is a simple device to track and monitor people who may be on their own and vulnerable.


It can sense if they fall over and alert carers automatically.

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Location Sensors

If a wearable solution is not ideal then we can monitor places and environments instead. Warnings are given automatically if there is no activity for a given period of time based on numerous sensors.

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