Findaa uses and has developed some of the most advanced location tracking and monitoring beacon technology available. We are at the cutting edge of Internet of Things (IoT) intelligent tags and artificial intelligence (AI) software to provide seamless asset tracking in realtime anywhere in the world.
Inventories can now be automated without any need for outdated barcodes, short range RFID, or line of sight only tags. Our advanced intelligent tags can track assets anywhere in the world whether they are indoors or outside, meaning that global logistics and supply chains can be made more efficient and costs reduced.
Furthermore our intelligent tags have the ability to sense an assets condition in terms of its temperature, humidity, vibration, sound, and light. This makes it ideal for highly sensitive and perishable goods such as pharmaceuticals, food supply chains, or specialty chemicals, plus many other sensitive items.
The InTag is primarily designed for indoor environments such as warehouses. The advanced UbiTag can be used to monitor assets in both indoor and outdoor environments, making it ideal for logistics and transportation use. BluMapper is used to locate our indoor tags.
To understand more about our technology and capabilities then please contact us and we would be happy to provide more technical information.