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Remote Healthcare 

The COVID pandemic has highlighted the difficulty of keeping people away from hospitals as much as possible, whilst still being able to administer patient care. As such we are seeing the growth of remote patient care in the community whereby patients are treated as much as possible within their homes.  This means hospitals are reserved for only emergencies and the most needy cases.


The market for remote patient care and telemedical is growing dramatically as more and more patient care will be done remotely. This means that medical devices and equipment will increasingly be used outside of hospitals and therefore come with added security and monitoring risks. For example, some procedures like endoscopies can be done remotely with equipment, however that equipment often needs monitoring.


Findaa can solve this by enabling hospitals and healthcare providers to track and monitor medical equipment in a patient's home in real-time, and be warned if the equipment is not in the correct location or is not working.

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Manage Medical Devices Remotely

Findaa tracks and monitors remote medical equipment in people's homes, in transit, and everywhere else.

Our platform gives you 100% transparency of the condition and location of medical devices and reduces risks.

Enhance Security and Safety

Findaa helps you to monitor medical devices' safety and security remotely in real-time. 

With our Plug-and-Play device attached, you will know in real-time when the asset is out of a 'safe zone', or when damaged by a shock.

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