Protecting and Monitoring Critical Assets

Findaa solves problems for critical asset owners who use our solution directly to track and monitor their own assets and equipment, thus providing notification of possible problems before they arise. Whether you have high value, sensitive, specialty, perishable or even dangerous products to track and monitor, Findaa has a smart solution for you.

We work with organisations including:

  • NHS Hospitals

  • Private Hospitals

  • Healthcare Providers

  • Remote Patient Care Providers

  • Medical Device Manufacturers

  • Asset Management Finance Firms

  • Other High Value Asset Owners

Medical Assets and Equipment

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  • Findaa makes assets smart by tracking and monitoring high value, critical, perishable, dangerous or sensitive items

  • Assets could include things like medical equipment, drugs & vaccines, specialty chemicals, warehouse items, cold supply chain, and high value items

  • For healthcare providers we can monitor equipment required for patient care, remote care, and intensive care

  • We can work with the asset owner or service provider to track an item's location, movement, temperature, moisture, shock, vibration, light, and sound exposure

  • Geo-fencing means enhanced security of items both inside buildings and outside globally

  • We are also able to monitor oxygen levels in hospital environments which have become fire hazards due to excess oxygen use

  • Our platform will enable you to monitor these assets in realtime remotely giving you peace of mind and security

  • Furthermore you will be able to use this data to optimise logistics and be able to see where assets may be at greater risk

  • Findaa can help you make equipment and assets smart, increasing efficiency and lowering costs

Case Study - West Hertfordshire NHS Trust​


At Watford General Hospital NHS within West Hertfordshire NHS Trust they needed a solution to track and monitor critical medical equipment. This included within their COVID wards where it was important to source equipment quickly and when required. Findaa was able to provide a solution for their needs which enabled them to track and monitor efficiently via our simple data platform.

Furthermore Watford were able to quantify their risks better and understand where asset problems might arise in terms of maintenance and loss. This meant that pre-emptive measure could be taken to remedy any issues that might arise.


Other High Value Assets


Findaa is able to track and monitor other high value assets via our platform including in cold chain distribution for goods such as fine wine, equine where thoroughbred racehorses need monitoring, and manufacturing where equipment and parts need tracking.