Findaa Enables You To Protect and Monitor Critical Assets

Findaa solves problems for critical asset owners who use our solution directly to track and monitor their own assets and equipment, thus providing notification of possible problems before they arise. Whether you have high value, sensitive, specialty, perishable or even dangerous products to track and monitor, Findaa has a smart solution for you.

Sensitive and Critical Assets

  • Findaa makes assets smart by tracking and monitoring high value, critical, perishable, dangerous or sensitive items

  • Assets could include things like medical equipment, drugs & vaccines, specialty chemicals, warehouse items, cold supply chain, and high value items

  • For healthcare providers we can monitor equipment required for patient care, remote care, and intensive care

  • We will work with the asset owner or service provider to track an item's location, movement, temperature, moisture, shock, vibration, light, and sound exposure

  • Geo-fencing means enhanced security of items both inside buildings and outside globally

  • Our platform will enable you to monitor these assets in realtime remotely giving you peace of mind and security

  • Furthermore you will be able to use this data to optimise logistics and be able to see where assets may be at greater risk

  • Findaa can help you make equipment and assets smart, increasing efficiency and lowering costs

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Findaa Makes Your Critical Assets Smart